Don't Let FEAR Hide Your Talent

Once in a great while U Tube brings a real lesson that can be understood by each one of us who make a living on the sidewalks and bricks, each and every day.  While our club is filled with seasoned professionals there was a time when each of us had overcome a fear. 

It may have been that you had to overcome a fear of knocking on a cold gray door, going up the elevator to see the top executive, walking into a room that is filled with sales reps who have on MBA rings and making them compete on your level or it may be just dialing that phone on that next cold canvas call.  Whatever the fear  you had to overcome it to be successful.  Because of that fact, I believe that each of us will identify with this young man.  

I watched this video from X Factor and realized that here was a young man who had a fantastic talent.  However, fear had kept that talent hidden for many years.  What you will see with this video is his willingness to walk out in front of a vast audience to show his talent.   

Mel Carney