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Come check out what Sales Professionals Kansas City can do for you, active since 1980!

Join Sales Professionals Kansas City on the first and/or third Friday of each month from 7:00am - 8:30am.

Big Biscuit 
7017 Johnson Drive
Mission, KS 66202

Each third Friday meeting features a Guest Speaker with a pertinent sales topic. Each attendee gives a brief personal introduction, ideas are shared and networking happens before and after the meeting. You will hear topics relating to sales, motivation, business, self-improvement and the free enterprise system from experts in their fields.

If this sounds too good to be true, come and join us at Big Biscuit 
7017 Johnson Drive Mission, KS 66202  for $15; get your 2nd breakfast free. 
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When you do, your sales career will take on a whole new attitude. Meet monthly with entrepreneurs and sales people, who have similar challenges as you do, and discuss how to overcome them! It is my experience that one of the best sales days that I have, is after the 3rd Friday monthly meeting!