SWAP Club Origin

The organization was originally established in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1955 as Salesman With A Purpose (SWAP) Club. Activities included sharing ideas, offering sales tips, and exchanging prospects. Members formed local clubs in Colorado and later expanded into other states. In 1977 clubs were started in Australia, in 1979 Singapore, followed by New Zealand in 1980. The name of the parent organization was changed to Sales Professionals International in 1993, and the name of the national group became Sales Professionals - USA.

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Sales Professionals - USA History

Sales Professionals USA
Sales Professionals USA
New Logo in 2013
Sales Professionals - USA, also known as Sales Pros - USA, is a not-for-profit organization comprised of independent and corporate business and sales people, as well as entrepreneurs and others who are interested in all aspects of the business world. Our members join together to advance business, promote the selling profession, improve relations between salespeople and the public, and to provide motivation, inspiration and ideas for those involved in selling.

Sales Pros clubs meet monthly to weekly for 60 to 90 minutes. During meetings members give a personal introduction and introduce guests, share ideas and information, give reports, make special presentations, network during breaks, and learn from the speakers. You will hear topics relating to sales, motivation, business, self-improvement, and the free enterprise system from experts in their fields.

An annual convention brings together the members of various clubs where they form new friendships and catch up on old ones. Those that attend hear prominent speakers who offer sales and business seminars. During the convention, our national officers conduct one of two national business meetings per year at which important administrative procedures are performed.

Sales Professionals-USA membership consists of both individual club members and members-at-large in locations where clubs are not established.

Student involvement is an important part of activities of Sales Pros - USA. Many college scholarships have been awarded in the fields of sales, marketing, and business.

Submitted by Chuck Schobinger May 5, 1999