Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your cameras

I believe that I have just watched the future and it is already here.
I am attaching a Selling Power Video that I just watched and the possibilities are endless.
The Brain shark company has software for helping develop videos for you to send to your prospects. 
The gentleman gives an example of videotaping a proposal including videos, power point slides, resident experts from their company, introduced by the sales person and then personalized at the end of the video.

Tom O’Connor and me took an excellent sales video course that was aimed at making better presentations. This takes that a step further and uses video in the beginning, middle and end of a sales cycle.  Your prospect can view your presentation when they have time and they can pass it to others in the company.  The Video is in the cloud and each time it is viewed or passed it is tracked.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your cameras
Give a listen and imagine using this in your day to day.  I am going to find out more during a demonstration that I signed up for, on line.  By the way the Web at the end of the video is at the bottom of the page. I took me three times to figure it out

This is the link to Brain Sharks Web site.

Mel Carney