LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

Sales Pro, Instead of trying to copy and paste a long article I thought it best to send you the link.
I have included the Number 5 tip as an example. I have a personal blog that I plan on linking to my Linked In page.  I never thought about that.  The points that they give do not require a Piled Higher and Deeper degree in Linked In.  Forward the link to your email and take some time to review during the evening.  I think there are some excellent tools available, that I was not even aware that they existed.
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Tip #5) Install applications.

Did you know that LinkedIn provides a variety of different applications you can use to improve your LinkedIn profile? Browse the Application Directory, and consider adding the SlideShare application or linking your blog to showcase your presentations and blog articles on your profile. The Events application is also a great way to see what events your connections are attending and find other popular industry events to attend.

- Mel