10 things you can do in the next 60 days to close more business

To start the New Year out strong, the following ideas may help to jump start sales. You may not do all ten things, so pick out two and do them well.

1. Plan a Webinar Series. Record the webinar. Use the Webinar as a lead capture tool to bring in new customers.

2. Gather and share compelling customer case Studies: This can be shared with new prospects or those who just cannot pull the trigger on your next sale. Use testimonials and endorsements.

3. Issue a press release highlighting a case study. Or issue a press release on anything that would be classified as newsworthy of your company - in your market.

4. Contact your top 25 customers over the next 30 days. Show your appreciation. Ask them what they would like from your company. Make them a Special Offer.

5. Also see if you can hook up to them on Linked In, Facebook or Twitter. Then ask them for a reference or testimonial letter.

a. In Fact make that last one a requirement to get 1 new testimonial from your best customers
6. Celebrate with your own version of Black Friday. Pick out one of your products and put one super fantastic deal together to jump start January – Build a success story with one of your other customers who has the product.

7. Do a “12 days of January” program: Target a product and for next 12 days sell the “H” out of that product. You may not sell that product, but other products will be sold because you were both intense and focused and it takes both.

8. Build a tip list that will help your customer do something that does require your products. Write a White Paper or plagiarize (for as often as I have done this I did not know that the word had an “i” after the “g”) a White Paper. Pick a topic that is current.

9. As part of your story – tell your customers of the best product that you have – one that they do not have. Be sincere about how this product would have a major impact on their business.

10. Critical – Set goals for the points that you selected. Do not just say I am going to call my top 25 clients. Set a schedule - Read about the Hawthorne Effect -  http://psychology.about.com/od/hindex/g/def_hawthorn.htm. Make this like a research on your customer/customers and you may perform above your normal above average self.

Good Selling