This past weekend I attended a conference called Men Under Construction. There were over 1400 men who gave up their Saturday to listen to speakers and take time to reflect on their lives, families, friends and careers.

One of the speakers was the QB for the Chargers, a guy named Phillips. He gave an excellent talk. One of the phrases that he uses each day is: Now It Begins.

He uses this phrase to stop and mentally prepare himself for a new day, a new meeting, a new set of circumstances, or for the presentation of the same set of circumstances that he faced yesterday. Each day is a new day and each time that we meet a new situation or encounter an old one, we need to stop and mentally prepared ourselves to handle it in a positive manner


Highly successful people tend to think in ways that facilitate effective action. They don't spend a lot of time worrying about the things they have to accomplish. When faced with a deadline, they go ahead and do the work. They don't get stuck in an endless loop, thinking, "I should really finish this up today," or "I'll get to this when I have more time." The next time you face a task or deadline, take a page from the book of the highly successful people of the world, and jump right in.