Sales Pro Edumacation

Dave Whiting who is long time friend and confidant sent me this short story.  David hired and trained me to sell computer software back in the late 70’s. Today, even as competitors for the same business, our friendship has grown and flourished over the years. To keep in touch, we find quotes and stories that have a lesson and pass them along to each other. This is one of the latest stories passed.

It seems as if this farmer was asked a very simple question by one of the town know-it-alls. 
The question to the farmer was, If you had 11 sheep and one jumped over the fence, how many would you have left. 

The farmer quickly answered “None”.  To which the know-it-all then smartly responded, Well, you don't know your arithmetic at all.
The farmer smiled and said, That may be true, but I surely know my sheep!

Mel Carney