What You Say When You're NOT Speaking

You'll get more response from a 3 line email than a 3 paragraph email.

You'll get more return calls from a 20 second voice mail than a 3 minute voice mail.

You'll book more appointments with a 15 minute first phone call than a 45 minute first call.

Overly verbose people lack confidence in themselves or  what they are selling or negotiating. 

Strong performers:
·        Don't answer unasked questions
·        Don't think out loud
·        Don't mark their words
·        Don’t over explain
·        Don’t restate the obvious.  

The more words there are, the less value each word has.  

Prospects may not know this dynamic in a literal sense but they know when someone is clear, concise, and confident. Or when they are not.  

93% of what is communicated in a face-to-face meeting has nothing to do with the words you say.

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