The Wisdom of Resilience Builders: How Our Best Leaders Create the World's Most Enduring Enterprises

Rick Tirrell is a national and international consultant who has been advising CEO's and company presidents about strategy and corporate culture for over 20 years. His recent ground breaking book, "The Wisdom of Resilience Builders: How Our Best Leaders Create the World's Most Enduring Enterprises" has been a huge success.

In my book I propose a theory that the world's best companies build their enterprises on one Competitive Platform. Then they dial up that platform to Genius levels. A good sales person should come to understand how the potential customer competes and then hand-tailor the presentation to the prospect's competitive model.
I am saying that the sales person should change the language of the presentation, as well as the proposed value to the prospect, depending on how the prospect competes.

So one would present to Wal-Mart using a language of efficiency, cost savings, and supply chain integration, because Wal-Mart is built on the Efficient Platform.
But one would not make the same presentation to Pixar, even if they are selling the same product. One would tell Pixar about increasing their creative possibilities, making it easier to do multiple variations on a theme, ease of use, and collaboration, because Pixar is built on the Creative Platform. So these two companies are built out of two different sets of DNA. Sell to their DNA.

Rick will use the concepts from his book demonstrate the four variations of Strategic Selling you can use, so your proposal matches the unique nature of the prospect. This suggests that your choice of words, which features you highlight, and the potential benefit should match the unique nature of the customer.

Come listen and learn to become more successful in your area of expertise!
Date: June 21
Title: "Strategic Selling"
Presenter: Rick Tirrell, PhD., Navigator Group,