SalesProsUSA National Convention Schedule 9.20 - 9.22

Hi SalesProsUSA-ers - Just added entertainment during the Sept. KC KS Convention and its during the meetings!!!!!  

1.        Come listen to Cathy Hunt Trio playing KC style jazz - starting at 11 AM Fri. when you register & into lunch + during first break!! (Will this get Gail dancing before we begin lunch??)

2.        You'll be entertained during the Silent Auction by John Darrah & Peggy Lancaster, Spoken Word Productions, "40s Radio Show"!!! What will you learn about the KC of yesterday?

3.        Mike Montague, Sandler Training, will be spinning some tunes during a Sat. break or lunch......Get ready!!!

We decided to "pump up the volume" and put our KC SalesPros talent to work to add excitement and lots of fun for all of you, Pat                 

Ready to mingle?????

NOTE: 28 signed up for the Gangster Tour & Dinner at Garozzo's for $60. are you in? You can still send $60 to:
                        Frank Guiliano,, 303.912.2850, 1400 W. 122 Ave., Apt. 101, Westminster CO 80234
                        (Awards Tickets are $35 - also send $$ to Frank or you still can sign up and send Frank $$$$!!!)

SalesProsUSA CLUB PRESIDENTS: Please forward updated emails if you have added members,etc?

PS. You might be hearing from Grace Strachan, Silent Auction Chair, so let's make it the best ever!!!!!

PPS. Email if you have 40 bag stuffers? (Items gor Welcome Bags)

Spotlight: The Cathy Hunt Trio is boldly America with flavors and textures as varied as traveling Route 66 from Chicago to LA.

The Cathy Hunt Trio performs blues, jump blues, rockabilly, and even a few mambos. This music was born in American cities including Memphis, New Orleans, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Kansas City. Early versions of jump blues featured horns, but well-known guitarists, such as T-Bone Walker, pioneered the addition of electric guitar to swing and jump music after WWII. Rockabilly music emerged during the same time through the marriage of rural country music to blues and swing rhythm. Often, a common thread in jump blues and rockabilly is humorous lyrics—music that doesn't take itself too seriously. After all, life is too short!

Cathy provides vocals, Jason Jones plays upright bass, and Marvin Hunt plays guitar for the trio. The members of the Cathy Hunt Trio also perform in the House Jumpers band. The House Jumpers have a newly released album, Sure Footed Baby, on House Rent Records, a division of EsDeca Media. Learn more at