Sales Professionals USA, Welcome To Kansas City!

Thanks to everyone attending and helping this event come together!


2013 Sales Professionals USA Convention Committee:

Chairman/Speakers/Agenda - Pat Moore, Linda Smith
Check-In/Lanyards Glenda Analla, Ken Praiswater, Annie Bass
Convention Bags Denise Patrick Fisk, Rich Lohrmeyer, Mel Carney, Glenda Analla, Mike Montague, Linda Smith, and many others.
Costume Contest/Pendergast Characters Pat Moore
Awards - Ken Praiswater
Banquet/Silent Auction Grace Strachan, Damian Damian
Auction Entertainment - John Darrah & Peggy Lancaster
KCI Shuttle Service - Rich Lohrmeyer, Glenda Analla, Doug McDonald
Weekend Rides - Overland Park Club
Room Goodie Bags David Parks
Photography Sharon Cox, and others
Event Program Mel Carney, Annie Bass, Mike Montague
Awards Presenter/DJ Mike Montague
Things to Do KC David Parks will lead group to Plaza Art Fair; Mel Carney  will lead group to WW1 Museum; Pat Moore - Miniature Golf organizer
Logo Design/Program Design/Web Communication Mike Montague
Hotel/Food/Awards Dinner - Linda Smith
Speakers - Mike Montague, Gail Curry-Kane Jensen, Randy Anderson
Speaker Hospitality Annie Bass
Go To Guy Damian Damian
50/50 Card Game Dealers - Rich Lohrmeyer, Ken Praiswater
Donations  -  Chris Christianson, Pam Eils Hayek, Mike Montague, Pat Moore, Denise Patrick-Fisk, Marsha Geisert, Gail Curry-Cane Jensen, Pat Moore, Linda Smith, Penny Grossenbacher, Paula Switzer, Ken Praiswater, John Darrah, Penny Grossenbacher, Grace Strachan, Fred & Karen Pasternak, June Kuehn, Kathy Skipton, Joan Hohn, Joan Usher, Mike Montague, David Parks, David Parks, Pam Eils-Hayek, Mel Carney, Richard Lohrmeyer, and many others.
Natl. Treasurer - Frank Giulano
Natl. President - Randy Anderson