Making everyone feel that they are important to you

Last evening I was talking with a friend in St. Louis and during the conversation I was telling him about Paul Welsh.  Paul was a friend of mine who we lost this past year to a heart attack.  I do so miss this man.  One of the things that made him so special was the way that you felt when you talked with him.

Paul made you the most important person in his life at that very moment.  He was very active in the Catholic faith community and I would run into him at almost every major event that the diocese was sponsoring.  I know that he was very involved with making these large gatherings come off seamlessly. 

Even though Paul would have a list of things that had to be done, he would always stop and talk with me.  I can still see that smiling face coming out of a sea of people that I did not know. He would always ask if I had time for a coffee or could we just sit down and talk.  You would almost think that he was on a holiday rather than someone who was responsible to a couple thousand people at the gathering.

I do miss my friend, but I do also try to carry on his mantra.  I try to let people know that what they say and who they are, as a person, is important to me. I have not acquired the ease with which he handled this amazing talent, but I keep trying. 

Whether the person is a new acquaintance, old friend or a new prospect, you might try to emulate Paul and make that person feel as if they are The Most Important Person in Your Life.  I think the results will amaze you.

Mel Carney