Reducing Customer Skepticism in a Sales Call

After thanking your customer for seeing you, what is your next step in the sales call. 
All customers are skeptical:
·         How much is your product is going to cost?
·         What problems will your product relieve?
·         What problems will your product cause?
·         How committed are you to them and their company?
·         And the list goes on
If you start selling before they feel comfortable then you will need to make more sales calls or risk losing the sale in the altogether.

How do you reduce skepticism by the customer when you make that first sales call on a company?

Ted Gulas of  the Gulas Group has some new ideas that you might consider.  This tape is only 2 minutes and 42 seconds long, yet it may hold the key that will help you close your next sale faster and with less time in front of the customer.

Click on this link and give a listen
Because you never know where that pony is going to found……

Mel Carney