Eliminate & Highlight


Dan Rockwell, keynote speaker & coach aims for the jugular with his two incisive points. 

#1. Eliminate distractions. Define what matters more by helping people stop wasting time, talent, and resources on what matters least. Try asking, “What are you doing that prevents you from giving your time and energy - to what matters now?”

While Dan’s comments are aimed at management, as sales professionals, we are own managers so it’s aimed at us.

Is there something that is preventing you from giving your whole self to those things which are of utmost importance, RIGHT NOW?

If there is - eliminate it from your thinking!

#2. Highlight progress while working to make things better, ask -
“How can we make this better?”
No matter how great it is, it can be greater,
That’s your job!

For more info on Dan – dan@leadershipfreak.com, Inc. Magazine Top 50 Leadership & Management Expert

Information compiled by Mel Carney, Sales Professionals Edumacation Chair. Mel can be reached at 800-711-7374 or melc@pdsi.com.