10 Things You Don't Know About Your Customers

Recession or no recession this article has to do with your customers. 
  • Does every customer know about your latest and greatest new product?
  • Do you know that they just built that new branch in Dupo, IL?
  • Do you know that your customer in Abilene is really hurting and could use that new A-100 product line that was just released?

 Start today and treat all of your current customers like they just joined the club.

“Keep smilin and dialin”  Darlin

The Sales Pro Edumaction manager, Mel

Has every sales person in this room contacted all of your customers, THIS WEEK?  

The meeting was on a Tuesday. Of the 400 plus attendees only a few raised their hands and more than likely they were stretching an un-checkable truth.

Competitors are getting creative and aggressive and existing relationships could be up for grabs … unless…you treat your existing clients like new customers.
Think about how you treat new customers. After going through the first level of Michael’s Submarine approach 

  • Conduct a thorough needs-analysis with them to make sure your solutions still are solutions. Their business has likely changed like the rest of the world.
  • Find out where they need help THEN DELIVER
  • Figure out how your company can better serve them – clearer billing, better response on their issues, etc
  • Figure out how your company can better service them – clear billing, better response on customer service issues, etc. 
  • Bring senior leaders to face-to-face meetings to thank them for their business and show how valuable they are to your company. 
  • Sincerely thank them for their business. 
  • Share new ways to solve old and new problems. 
  • Share industry expertise. Help them be innovative. 
  • Help them help their customers succeed
  • Learn everything you can about their business – you’ll recognize ways to help them the more you know their business. 
  • Be attentive, present and part of the team
  • Commit to quarterly business reviews to hold yourself accountable to the results you promised. 
  • Make sure they know all that you can do for them. (Exercise: Think of 10 things your top customers may not know about your offering that may help them.)
  •  Figure out how to share all your services without giving a sales pitch. Your competitors are sharing this information. It’s best to share this information in response to a business need they have
  • Be someone they can’t live without. 
  • Competitors are gunning for your clients. Treat your existing customers like the gold that they are.

Mel – I have found that the Electronic Newsletter using Swift Page, Constant Contac and Ace of Sales has been a big help to keep our customers informed.  Letting older customers know about new interfaces that we have developed for our software has kept the cards and letters coming.

On June 1st,  I will be giving a round table about a new and dynamic product that we are introducing to our customers in a Try  N Buy.

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