Sandler Success Principles

Mike Montague from Sandler Training Kansas City will be our featured speaker this Friday at 7am at First Watch!

Sandler Training's latest book the Sandler Success Priniciples will be released to the public at midnight tonight! Sales professionals can order the book here for OVER 40% off for a limited time this week:

Come join us for a discussion of the Sandler Selling System this Friday with Mike Montague at First Watch. Breakfast is only $13 or you can come as our guest to just sit in and join the conversation!

Sandler Success PrinciplesMike will discuss the psychology behind the sale, and how to lead the buyer/seller dance. Most salespeople fall into a trap we call "Wimp Junction" were they wimp out and do what the prospect wants rather than what is in both parties best interest.

Who is more qualified to decide if your product is the right fit for the needs of the situation? You or your prospect? If you believe that you have that expertise, then join us this Friday at 7am!

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