10 LinkedIn Tips for Building Your Business


Click on the above link for an article on using Linked In for your business.   This article will take some time to go through as there are examples and videos to watch. I suggest forwarding this to your house email to review over the next couple of weeks.  I think that it is that important.  I could not cut and paste the article so I copied the 10 point to do list.

Cut and paste them into a Word Document, give yourself some spacing and you can use the list to make notes as you review the above link.

  •  Use Appropriate Keywords in Headings and Titles
  • Mirror your On Line and Off line Business Network with Linked In
  • Tag your Skills and Expertise
  • Link your Website with Keyword Anchor Text
  • Personally Welcome and Acknowledge New Connections
  • Add Video to your Profile to make it come alive
  • Note important Details and Opportunities for Next Actions
  • Tag and Filter connections to organize and Build Relationships
  • Use Context to Acquire Business Intelligence
  • Periodically Update your CRM with Data from Linked In

I do not know half of the things that the author is telling me about Linked In. I think that that puts me behind in this juggernaut called Linked In. I really encourage our Sales Professionals to take some time and use the Linked In Tool in your business life.