First Friday Think Tank: "Are you The Thermostat or The Thermometer”?

If you are convinced that you can grow your business by getting by with trying to “wow” your prospects with the same old, “We give better customer service than anyone else”,  or “I understand the market and can bring you the latest info”, or “our products are made of the highest quality materials” or “our website is the most customer friendly” yada, yada, yada, sales jargon, then you may be doomed by the competition.

Learn how to design a “kick a_ _ sales presentation” that will insulate you from the competition, and enable you to grow your business faster than you ever imagined!

Program starts at 7:30 and breakfast is off the menu... Come participate on Friday at First Watch Shawnee, 11112 Shawnee Mission Parkway...


Thomas G. O'Connor, ACBC, Advanced Chartered Benefit Consultant, President, Wellstone Benefits Advisors