Come to the Thirty-Second Commercial Clinic

Laura Burmeister, Sander Training, “Creating A Killer Thirty-Second Commercial”. Come to the Thirty-Second Commercial Clinic: 
The “elevator pitch” is a staple of any prospecting plan. Learn how to write and deliver an emotionally charged 30 or 60 second commercial. Your challenge is to get your prospect’s attention in 30 seconds or less, without. sounding like every other salesperson
Breakfast $15 + 2nd free; meeting starts 7:20 

Laura Burmeister

Associate & Certified Trainer,
Sandler Training by Effective Sales Development
Sandler Sales Training Kansas City
Laura Burmeister is an associate at Sandler Training Kansas City, where she provides training and coaching on the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques of interpersonal communication needed to be more successful in management, sales and customer service. She is currently available for speaking engagements, keynotes, talks, and meeting facilitation.