Writing to the Top

The video featured Deborah Dumaine author of Writing to the Top.  She has some excellent suggestions on presenting you and you product to your customers.
·         A subject line for each paragraph
·         A letter designed for speed reading
·         Using bullets in each paragraph
·         Include a call to action at the close of the letter or email

Take time to read and use these suggestions to close a current customer

Good Selling

Mel Carney
Sales Pro Edumacational guy

A book by Deborah Dumaine
Writing may be on the way back.   Today I watched the Selling Power Video and rediscovered writing to help my sales career.  Deborah recommends a new writing style to capture a busy executive’s attention.  She suggests a subject line for each paragraph of an email or a letter.

Subject: Choosing an financial partner who’s right for you
Talking with you yesterday was a pleasure-Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.  I am really impressed with ABC Funding Corporation and hope that we can be financial partners

You asked about our new loan program
·        I am enclosing information about that program and you will be able to see how our product can have a positive impact on your company and  your bottom line, including improvements in your handling of:
The emphasis is on you the prospect
International bonds
o   Fixed Income Management
o   Growth and income equity results
Helping you reach your goals
As part of your team we can support ABC Funding with loans that range between 1 million and 15 million dollars.  You can get:
o   Quick Loan Approval
o   A larger line of credit
o   Yada Yada
Why go with Fix- it- Quick?
I will admit to explaining my attachments – stop that
The enclosed information shows you why FIQ can serve you with expertise, dependability, and reasonably:  My enclosures includes
o   Our investment results
o   Our 20 year history
o   An outline of our financial history
o   Staff resumes
o   And a breakdown of our Fees
Suggested next steps
Once you and your committee have reviewed our results working with other financial organizations, I would be happy to meet with you.  Thank you again for considering FIQ.

Notice- This letter is designed for speed reading – an executive can read the subjects and know what it is about – She did not go into detail about her enclosures – she went with just bullets – Suggested next steps is an excellent addition.
Recommendation from Deborah: Send letters as the executive’s are covered up with emails.  A letter they can put into their briefcase and read as they jet to the next meeting
Hey – Give it try – It might work to capture that next contract!  Mel