Back in the 90’s I presented a laptop version of Gold Mine Account Management to a SWAP (Salesman With A Purpose) meeting.  At that time most sales people were using some variation of a hand written appointment book where everything had to be written and rewritten.  When ACT came along I adopted it as my account manager. 

My goal was to one day have software that was linked to my Accounting Program so that our customer’s Sales Reps could have a full access to all of their customer information on a laptop.  Now 20 years later that goal has been eclipsed and sales people are carrying I PADs, I Phones, or Android devices. With those devices they can access their customers and a specific customer’s history from anywhere because the information is in the cloud. Ain’t Tech Wunerful?

Introducing SWOT CRM for your sales enjoyment.
At the last roundtable we talked about this new technology.  It will continue to impact every person who makes their living on bricks on some street in downtown USA.  I find it amazing that all of this information about a Customer has been buried on a disk drive, never to see the light of day, until SWOT CRM.

The vendor who developed the software that is being integrated into ProTrac, was nice enough to put together a video on ProTrac’s SWOT CRM connection. If you want to cut to the chase the demo starts at 2:40 seconds into the video.  If you are not using CRM and have no way to SWOT test a customer, then  you need to pay attention.

This is not tomorrow’s software.  This software has already been on the street for years and is just now coming into its own.  This software is actually cuts a wider swath than all of the ERP software that your company uses for Inventory, Invoicing and General Ledger.  SWOT CRM encompasses Pre Sale, the Sale, and the Post Sale relationships.

This software is being used in your industry today.  Your competitors are using it to analyze customers and their purchases.  The CRM product lets your competitor stay on top of their and your customers with emails and reminders. 

What this video does not talk about is the ability to do Mass Emails.  They will be adding mass emails when they interface with Mail Chimp. If you have used Mail Chimp or Constant Contact or the many other Mass E Mail programs you know how powerful Controlled Mass Mailings can be in a new marketing effort.

Take 10 minutes and watch the world of sales in September 2014

This is the U Tube link to the video -  

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