Cold Calling words to help get an appt

The author Sean McPheat does not subscribe to the theory of a canned "telephone sales script." 

A call needs to be PLANNED but certainly NOT CANNED.

Sales Professionals
It is not so much about the exact words you use, rather as the method, approach and the understanding you possess of what you are doing.  It's all about having a framework in place.

However, with that disclaimer firmly in place, I must say that there is one thing you can actually say that, when added to a business-to-business call, and even some consumer calls, will radically and instantly increase your effectiveness on the telephone.
Before I give you these couple of magic words, let me explain why they work, because actually it is this understanding and this empathy for the customer that is ultimately why this will help you be more successful.

First, understand that customers want to know that they are important

They want to be important to you and your company and they want VIP treatment.  Every customer and potential customer has an inner desire, perhaps need, to know that you and your company deeply values them and their business.
The second thing to understand is that the best way to help the customer feel important is for YOU to be someone important.  The more of an important person you are and you are in your company, the more important the customer will feel.

Imagine calling a software vendor to possibly purchase a Microsoft software application and the sales assistant handling your call, says, "Hold on a moment."  Then a voice comes on the line and says,
"This is Bill Gates, and I thought it best that I handle YOUR call myself." 

You would have to be impressed! 

The main problem that occurs when you come across as a run of the mill, everyday, low level telemarketer, is that it makes the customer feel like they are not very important. 

That they are just another number.

I mean, if you are one of the least essential people in your company; if you are on the bottom of the organizational chart and you are handling their account, then just how much does your company value the customer?

You must project the image as a very important person in
your company and in your industry.   Now, as sales
professional, we know that the sales person indeed IS the most important person in the company, but the customer dose not usually feel that way. 

So, the question is how can you present an image as being the "BIG DOG" without misrepresenting your position or true occupation? 

If you can project the image of "Bill Gates," within the first few seconds of the cold call, your customer will feel important, and the more important the customer feels, the more it will dramatically and instantly increase the likelihood that they do business with you. 

So, with that explanation let me give you a phrase that will do this very effectively. 

"I thought I'd call you personally." 

That's it. 

Just add this line to your introduction. 

"I thought I'd call you personally," with a little bit of emphasis on the word personally. 

It might look like this:

"Yes, Mr. Prospect. Steven Mills with ABC Software. 
Mr. Prospect, I thought I would call you personally. 
You see, with the latest computer virus attack, many mid-sized corporations...." 

You will be shocked and amazed at what this does.

First it gives the immediate impression that you may have a slew of people or subordinates who usually make these calls for you.  And if you think about it, that is actually the case all around the word today. 

Businesses have largely taken to outsourcing their cold calling or more aptly put, they have taken to "down sourcing" their cold calling; assigning the duty to low level telemarketers or telemarketing firms, many in countries where English is a second or third language. 

It is very likely that the customer gets calls from someone OTHER than the principal. 

But not this time!  NO!
This customer is too important for you and your company to allow any one other than the main head honcho him or herself to make the call ----- YOU called personally!

"Yes, Lisa Johnson with ABC Widgets, and I thought I would give you a call personally Mrs. Prospect --- do you have a quick minute?" 

Call personally and watch your appointments and sales rise!


Sean McPheat
Sales Authority, Bestselling Author &
International Speaker
Managing Director - MTD Sales Training

Once I read this I realized how many places that simple phrase raises both yourself and your customer.  If you are trying get an appointment or handle a customer complaint, “I thought I would personally give  you a call.”  You have interrupted a power day to handle this problem or concern.

I saw your company come up and decided to contact you personally.

Give it a try, all you can do is make two people feel like somebody
 Mel Carney