Facebook Marketing Programs

I found this piece on Open Forum.  If you or your company are or are not using Facebook, you may find this article interesting.  It was very new to me and I will make some attempt to start using these marketing ideas for ProTrac.

- Mel

While we recommend you turn to reliable blogs and media outlets for social media marketing advice, sometimes it's best to target the source itself. That's why we've collected five official Facebook marketing tools created by the company. They'll guide your business in its quest for marketing tips, news and case studies. Who knows? You may even become inspired enough to create a completely innovative Facebook campaign.

1. Facebook Studio. 

If you’re looking for examples of successful social marketing, turn to Facebook Studio for inspiration. Studio curates game-changing campaigns that have appeared on the social network. In addition to a gallery of marketing efforts, the site presents Facebook Studio Awards to exceptional campaigns. You can even submit your own. Studio highlights campaigns from all over the globe, so you can see what works in other cultures, too.

2. Success Stories 

Think of this tool as a helpful supplement to Studio. Success Stories highlights innovative Facebook campaigns from all over the world. The site breaks down the individual goals and results of each campaign, alongside some pretty stunning images. Use Success Stories to get inspiration for your own marketing plans. For example, P.F. Chang's free lettuce wraps campaign might convince you to try your own coupon offer or customer outreach

3. Brand Resource and Permissions Center. 

Just like the media needs to follow guidelines when using certain types of content, so brands need to be aware of specific Facebook provisions. Access the Brand Resource and Permissions Center to ensure your business is abiding by the social network's requests. For example, the company asks, "Do not use Facebook, or any other of our trademarks, as a verb." It also shares the types of logos and artwork your brand has permission to use. Did you know your cover photo can't include a phrase like "Get 50% off" or "Enter the contest below!"? These calls to action go against Facebook rules, and your Facebook Page could be suspended if you're found to be in violation of them.

4. Facebook demo tool. 

If you're considering Premium or Sponsored Story ad placements, use the Facebook demo tool to preview their appearance. Choose to either simulate an example brand's ads or test your own. The tool will generate a template that displays page post content as seen from a user's perspective, whether a sidebar ad or sponsored story, helping to remove the guesswork from your next social marketing campaign.

5. Facebook marketing page. 

Facebook's official marketing page shares tips and resources to guide your business in becoming more marketing-savvy on the platform. The page posts events and updates users with the latest in Facebook marketing news. Keep an eye out for webinar and live Q&A announcements that train Facebook page admins to connect with fans and reach wider audiences. Plus, Facebook constantly seeks engagement from its users, asking for feedback and case studies surrounding your business.

Do you use any Facebook resources? Tell us about your experience in the comments.